Dewald’s Training Tips

1 Practice in the real world (airsoft, paintball, etc) and learn that storming 'round corners is bad.
2 If you lie down they think you're dead, until you start shooting and then you can't move fast enough to dodge the incoming fire. So no lying down.
3 If you stay in one place too long you will get shot from the back/sides. Move.
4 Google "slice the pie"
5 Full auto makes you shoot over their heads
6 Zoom scopes take away your situational awareness. On all the maps except Panj and Sinjar a normal red dot is more than good enough.
7 Split up. All of the team in one place means one nice machine gun burst can take you all out.
8 Make a line of men across the map and move forward, cleaning up as you go. That way you don't have to worry about back & sides. Take it slow doing this and watch your mates. There is enough time.
9 The radio is a tactical advantage if you use it right. Using it right mostly means to shut up.
10 Your machine gunner (support) is very important. Let him have the kills. Protect him.
11 For close up work rate of fire is more important than accuracy and bullet size. Rather take an M4/sub machine gun than an M16/AK/battle rifle.
12 On Security weapons you use optics, on insurgent weapons you don't (typically).
13 Unless you're gonna be a stationary sniper (rarely a good idea, maybe on Sinjar or Buhriz) leave the bipod.
14 Rather a foregrip than a heavy barrel.
15  Go slower than you are going now. Really. You are not as good as you think you are.