Useful Info

Custom Maps
There is a collection in the Steam Workshop for all the maps on the Custom Maps server:

In-game commands
The following commands are all typed in chat.

Coop Servers  
!on Enable kill messages in text chat area.
!off Disable kill messages
!intel Displays AI difficulty, number of AI alive and total count
Match Server  
## help Prints all commands to game console (~)
## r / ## nr Mark team as Ready / Not Ready
## p  /  ## up Request Pause / Unpause
## lc

List available configs:
ESL = ESL Match config (from Workshop)
NWI = Stock playlist (nwi/comp)
PVPS = Open PVP mode (nwi/pvp_sustained)
PVPT = Open PVP mode (nwi/pvp_tactical)

## e <config> Execute config. Note: this usually forces a map change.
## cm <map> <mode>  Change map. eg. ## cm ministry skirmish

Note: There is no space between the hashes (##) and there IS a space before the command letters. 


A very useful tip is to bind a key to resupply, so you don't have to open the loadout menu.
To make L your resupply key, type this in console:
bind L inventory_resupply 


It is good practice to get used to using the compass, and you can set it to permanently display by setting
cl_hud_compass_show_always 1